Is being a women a gift or a curse?

The word “women” takes up different meanings according to many especially in India.When it comes to the present scenario in India or anyother place it surely influences the dont’s of what a women shouldn’t do,more emphasis given on the women safety just because of the bad lusty world that is totally turned on to the women.

I would like to mention my own experience here.A few days ago I had a small agrument with my dad.The whole thing was about my studies,more about my future after completing my undergraduation degree.My dad wanted me to take up UPSC classes that too in chennai.My question was “why Chennai and why not Delhi?”and the reply was “it ain’t safe for women”.

Another day I took an auto from meenakshipuram to my college.Let’s say it takes 5 minutes.This was a big problem for my parents because I took the auto alone.Again the reason for this was “It ain’t safe for women”.

I love to be abroad.So I just had an idea to do my masters abroad.No sooner my mom came out with her fauvorate words “It ain’t safe for women to be alone”.

I can understand them.They are my parents.They show me their unconditional love.It is this love for me that makes them concern so much about this world.Their thoughts reveals their fear.THEY WANT ME TO FLY WITH MY WINGS IN THEIR HANDS.What am I suppose to do ?Be happy because I have got wonderful parents or regret because they make an obstacle for my dreams just because they love me.

All this is because of those cruel cold blooded men who ruin lifes of many women out there for their cheapest thoughts.Once men dominated women in the name of male chauvinism and now they are again supressing women in the name of rape and murder.

We didn’t ask you that we want to wear bikinis,we didn’t ask you that we want to drink,we didn’t ask you that we want to roam in the dark.All that we ask you is let us pursue our dreams.Just because of a few demons that are roaming out in the name of humans many women are forced to forgot their dreams by their loved ones.images5R3R2WMJ.jpg




Hot and spicy moments

College life is something that lasts for a lifetime in our memories.The gossips,giggles,ragging,records it goes on…These makes our memories hot and spicy when we just look back…

As we are talking about college life I would like to mention the senior and junior rivals..sounds common isn’t it??

The unimaginable stupid reasons that ignites the fire..adding to this are those gossips from nowhere…You don’t even know how it started or who is involved but atlast you would know one thing for sure that it is you who is going to be grounded..How awesome is that??No sooner it would go to parents ears and you are dead meat.

When we talk about about college it is a must to mention something about our friends..How can we forget them??

Those strange creatures from nowhere who made our lifes so beautiful and at times miserable too.The saddest part is that you would be blabbering everything to your friend, like your relationship and just everything and as far as you know he would be single.thats according to you.One fine day you would end with a shocking news that he is in a relationship and its been 5yrs that too from another guy..How would it be?Feeln calm is it??

And next the faculties…They play a crucial role..A guy who joined college recently say he was 70 kg..And after 4 yrs I mean at time of graduation he would weigh about 50 kg..So there is no need of any diet or a gym.Wondering the reason behind this..guess what??

It ‘s our faculties..Getting our records and assignments signed on time from one block to another is even worse than getting a job..

And nothing can beat the exam times.Sitting for hours in the night..writing exams for about 5 months in a year..12 subjects a semester..both paractical and theory..sounds new right..coz it’s agriculture..

But all this has moulded me..has sculpted me into a beautiful statue that lasts forever..All this given me Those HOT AND SPICY MONENTS to share with you guys..